attribution as a service

Data-driven Multi-touch Attribution as a Service

With our RESTful API you can now test, use and integrate the IHC attribution model into your workflow and data pipeline.
Plug your customer journeys into the webservice and obtain in no-time your fully data-driven attribution results.

Customer journey reports web service

Multi-touch Insights

IHC attribution provides unique insights into every customer journey. Understand interactions: what creates demand and how to keep engagement up.

Enable real optimization

Obtain performance results to compute real CPA, ROI, ROAS metrics at any aggregation level in order to optimize your marketing efforts.

Fully Data-driven

IHC works entirely on the individual customer journeys level, in order to understand and model YOUR customers' behavior.

Easy usage

The attribution service is easy to use and integrates seamless into any system. Start the IHC rocket and boost your growth.

The Attribution Model - IHC

IHC model graph

IHC stands for the interaction phases: Initializer, Holder and Closer.

  • Initializer is the stage of awareness and exploration for a potential customer,
  • Holder is a period of continued customer attention and interest being kept, and
  • Closer is the homestretch, the checkout phase where the action is taken.

A three phase concept of interaction has been a pillar of marketing science for 30+ years. Our solution brings this approach squarely to the digital age.

Our IHC model learns from every single customer journey, and it gets smarter as it goes.

Choose your SErvice plan

We offer three usage plans, to best fit you individual needs.
You can always switch between the different plans on a monthly basis.

Testing (Free)

This plan is perfect for initial testing of the webservice and to see IHC attribution results on your data.


Pro is perfect for you, when you want to use the IHC webservice for your ad-hoc reporting.


Premium is your plan, when you integrate the IHC webservice into your automated and continuous data processing.

  • unlimited conversion types
  • manual parameter training via csv of json file upload
  • max. 100 API calls per month
  • per API call max. 200 sessions
  • completely FREE
  • unlimited conversion types
  • manual parameter training via csv of json file upload
  • max. 100k API calls per month
  • per API call max. 100 CJs and 5000 sessions
  • CPM-based pricing based on monthly CJ requests
  • unlimited conversion types
  • continuous parameter training, our system is constantly fortifying and learning with the most current data
  • unlimited API calls per month
  • per API call max. 100 CJs and 5000 sessions
  • CPM-based pricing based on monthly CJ requests


Pro and Premium pricing is based on a monthly pay-per-use scheme.
The cost is not based on API calls, but on computed customer journey (CJ)  requests, since one API call can contain up to 100 CJs. The pricing is CPM-based, with volume discounts on your monthly CJ request level. (Note: One customer journey is the block of sessions connected with one conversion. So one customer journey equals one conversion, and it can contain multiple sessions.)

Frequently asked questions

A customer journey is for us the sequence of all sessions of a customer on his or her way towards the conversion.   

The IHC attribution model is only working on converting traffic, so every customer journey needs to contain one conversion. The IHC model aims to understand the customers interaction phases in buying process and hence learns only on the converting traffic. However, for the performance evaluation of campaigns and marketing activities, the attribution results need to be combined with all traffic data.

The IHC webservice, as the IHC attribution model, is not requesting and hence not processing any personalized customer data. The attribution model works entirely on the abstract customer journey and session objects.

When you register you are instantly live with our Testing plan. In your login area you can always request a change of the pricing plan. We will review your requests and up- or downgrade according to your wishes. But paid plans can only be changed on monthly basis.